Google Pixel Tablet: News and Expected Price, Release Date, Specs; and More Rumors

Google's tablet is confirmed for 2023

The Google Pixel Tablet was initially previewed in May 2022 and was showcased in more detail at the October 2022 Made by Google event. It will be powered by the company's Tensor chip and when paired with its speaker/charger attachment, it may resemble a smart display such as the Nest Hub Max.

When Will the Pixel Tablet Be Released?

We first heard about this tablet when Google filed this patent in early 2019. But if you're familiar with the Pixel Slate, Pixel C, or Nexus tablets, then you know a Google-branded tablet isn't a new idea.

However, unlike other products that don't move beyond the patent stage, the company teased the device at the May 2022 Google I/O event and offered a closer look in October. The Pixel Tablet will hit shelves in 2023.

Pixel Tablet Price Rumors

Google hasn't revealed the price, and there aren't any trustworthy rumors about the cost just yet. But if we consider what Google charges for their other devices and how competing companies price their tablets, we can formulate a guess.

For example, the iPad Air and Pixel 7 both start out at $599. Google hasn't released a tablet since 2018. If they plan to compete with the iPad, which is most people's go-to tablet, a more competitive price might be in order.

We think the Pixel Tablet could sit at around $400 to $450, but that will vary if the charger/speaker base is included.

Pre-Order Information

More information about when the Google tablet will be available for pre-order will be announced as the launch date approaches. It will initially be available through Google Store.

Google Tablet Features

Google has confirmed that web browsing will get a "new look and feel." Here's what to expect from Chrome on the Pixel Tablet:

  • Side-by-side design that makes finding the right tab easier
  • Tap groups to organize related tabs
  • Auto-scroll back feature to help you swipe back to your previous tab when working between two tabs
  • Hidden close button when tabs get too small, to prevent accidental closing
  • Tabs in grid format with a preview to help with quicker navigation
  • Drag-and-drop images, text, and links out of Chrome and into other apps like Keep, Gmail, or Photos
  • Force desktop mode for certain sites

We've heard that the Pixel Tablet might ship with a 64-bit-only build of Android 13. This should, according to Mishaal Rahman, reduce memory use, but it also means it won't be able to run 32-bit apps.

Rahman has also reported on a new button on the taskbar that when tapped will open Google Keep's drawing mode. A tablet-optimized version of the Clock app is being worked on, too.

Pixel Tablet Specs and Hardware

Google's confirmed scant details about its upcoming tablet.

It appears to look and feel like a Nest Hub Max because it can be paired with a dock (it's unclear if this will come with the tablet or be an accessory). There will be two dock options: one will both charge the tablet and function as a speaker, and the other will just support charging. The dock will also work as a hands-free receiver for your Google Assistant requests. You can dock and undock it at any time.

Similar to the Pixel Watch, the tablet provides easy mobile access to your smart home devices, meaning you can do things like turn down the lights or adjust the thermostat directly from the tablet.

Some information has surfaced via developer Kuba Wojciechowski, reported by 91mobiles. As of September 2022, that source says that Google has shipped some Pixel tablets to India for engineering validation tests. The specs they picked up include 128–256 GB of storage, a 10.95-inch display (same as the Apple iPad Air and Nest Hub Max), and Wi-Fi 6 support.

Something else we have is the patent linked above. But it's unhelpful in describing the device's specs (plus, we're not even sure it's for this tablet). Below is all it has to say about what the document (translated from Japanese) depicts:

This article is an information terminal provided with a display unit and capable of displaying an image on the display unit.

So, yeah, not very helpful!

Another look at what an updated Pixel tablet from Google could look like is, of course, Google's short video above. But we also have 3D renders via LetsGoDigital and Giuseppe Spinelli. They're based on the patent's images and inspired by the Pixel 6. Plus, there's this supposed Pixel Tablet prototype posted on Facebook Marketplace.

Like most tablets, this one will have all the basics: front and back-facing cameras (the same 8MP sensor as the selfie camera on the regular Pixel 6), 8 GB of RAM, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

The tablet will have a fingerprint sensor, but unlike the Pixel 7 which puts it under the display, it's looking like the Pixel Tablet will use a side-mounted traditional sensor. That same source says that some Android code has revealed that the tablet will have a 2560x1600 resolution display.

Google's tablet might also support 5G. More and more 5G devices are coming out to take advantage of the greater speeds afforded by that tech, so it'd be odd to see this released with mobile connectivity that stops at 4G. Then again, it might be Wi-Fi only, and we've also heard it might not even have GPS hardware.

The Pixel Tablet will have Google's in-house chip, the Tensor G2, like the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro.

There might also be multiple USB-C ports—one for charging and others for peripheral devices. The company will probably come out with its own side devices if they plan to market this as a laptop-level machine. They could mimic Apple and offer a corresponding cover, keyboard, and digital stylus.

Speaking of a stylus, we've heard that this tablet will include support for the Universal Stylus Initiative (USI), meaning it'll work with any compatible USI stylus.

There's been talk of a Pixel Tablet Pro, code named 'TangorPro'. But according to developer Kuba Wojciechowski, this is the device Google is releasing this year, and it probably won't be called Pro, but just Pixel Tablet. The company had apparently planned to release the tablet with the first-gen Tensor chip, but scratched that project in favor of the Tensor G2 chip, hence the different code name.

Kuba also provides a few photos of the device:

The Latest News About the Pixel Tablet

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