Google Pixel Fold Overshadows Pixel 7a in Almost Every Way

Both offer some cool new features

Google has revealed the full specs and pricing of the Pixel Fold at Google I/O 2023, along with the next entry in the Pixel A series.

The Pixel Fold has gone from rumor to verified tease to officially revealed with full details in the span of only a few days by way of the recent Google I/O presentation. So now we all know precisely how detailed the screens are, how long a charge will last, and how much it'll cost—plus a surprise reveal for the Pixel A series of more affordable phones.

Person holding up Pixel Fold for a selfie photo


Now that we have fully verified specs on the Pixel Fold, we know that the exterior display provides a 5.8-inch full OLED screen with a Corning Gorilla Glass Victus cover. While the unfolded interior OLED screen measures 7.6 inches—and both screens are capable of up to 120Hz. The Pixel Fold also boasts approximately 30 hours of battery life (up to 72 with "Extreme Battery Saver") and fast-charging support. It also contains 12GB of RAM plus a Google Tensor G2 processor.

The camera system is also fairly beefy, with 48MP (with 4K video support), 10.8MP ultrawide, and 10.8MP telephoto cameras at the rear. Additionally, a 9.5MP front camera supports up to 4K video and an 8MP inner camera (for the unfolded screen).

Pixel 7a in four colors


But Google hasn't forgotten about its A Series, either, revealing the new Pixel 7a as part of the lineup. The Pixel 7a promises to act as a step up from the Pixel 6a with several features left out of the series, including face unlocking, wireless charging, a display that can support up to 90Hz, and 8GB of RAM. It also includes an upgraded camera system with a 13 MP front camera with 4K support and a larger primary camera sensor.

You can pre-order the Pixel Fold now, starting at $1799 for 256GB ($1919 for 512GB) and available in both Porcelain and Obsidian color schemes, with shipping expected to begin in late June. The Pixel 7a is available in four color choices today, starting at $499.

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