Google Phone App Gets Caller ID Announcement

Now Google Phone can (finally) tell you who’s calling

Google is finally rolling out Caller ID Announcement to the Google Phone App, starting May 17.

The Google Phone app, which has quickly become the default phone app on many Android phones, will now let you enable Caller ID announcements. XDA Developers reports that the feature has been in development for a number of months now, originally debuting for testing in September. Now, though, it is finally rolling out to users on the latest stable version of the Google Phone app.

Caller ID on a smartphone

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Caller ID announcement is a very rudimentary feature when it comes to phone applications, and it is one that many other phone apps have included for years. While it is not a huge update for Google Phone, it does mean more accessibility for users all around as the phone will audibly announce who is calling over its speaker. The new feature will work in conjunction with Google Phone’s other spam filtering options, like Verified Calls—which lets you see the caller id and reason for incoming calls from business—caller and spam ID, and even the filter spam calls option.

Announcing caller ID could be useful for users listening to music or podcasts, as it will cut down some of the silence created when incoming calls completely mute media playback. With Google’s call screening service still unavailable outside the United States, this update should make it easier for international Android users running the Google Phone app to know who is calling before they rush to pick up their phone.

How to enable Called ID Announcement in Google Phone app

The update appears to be rolling out slowly, so keep an eye on the Google Play Store for any updates. If installed, though, you can enable the feature and start announcing calls all the time, when you're wearing headphones, or never.

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