Google One Subscribers Now Get Premium Video Calling Tools

Only for those who pay for 2TB or more…

Average users of Google’s cloud storage offerings could only sit in jealousy at the suite of video calling tools available to the company’s business-focused Workspace platform, until now.

The big G is rolling out a plethora of enhanced video calling features to Google One subscribers, most of which were previously only accessible to paying enterprise users of Workspace. 

Google One


What's on the docket? Google has removed the much-loathed one-hour time limit for group video calls, switching it up to a full 24 hours. The system also now includes robust audio filters to weed out background noise like construction sounds or dogs barking. 

Additionally, Google One users will be able to record and store calls to Google Drive to "relive and share special moments."

This trio of video chat tools will not be accessible to all Google One users, as they are reserved for paying subscribers with cloud storage plans of 2TB or more. These features will also not be available for everyone right away, as the company is using a tiered system for the rollout. 

Google One


As for location, Google says the features are coming to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, and Australia, with more countries coming "soon."

In addition to integrating Workspace video calling tools with Google One, the company is looking into adding "select premium features" from Meet, Gmail, and Calendar, though they have not offered any specific information as to which aspects of each app would get cherry-picked for One users.

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