Google Nest Hub Gets a Slew of Sleep-Tracking Enhancements

Rolling out today for US owners

Those who own Google’s Nest Hub smart display may, quite literally, be able to rest easier, thanks to a just-released update.

Google just announced a slew of features for the second-generation Nest Hub, according to a company blog post. This update expands the device’s sleep-tracking abilities with a brand new algorithm for sound detection that can better distinguish between sleep sounds and, say, the sounds of a neighbor or beloved pet. 

Google Nest Hub


The company also unveiled a new feature called Sleep Staging, which Google describes as a detailed analysis of the various stages of sleep. This information can be analyzed right on the device in a handy chart called a hypnogram. You'll see how long you were in each stage of sleep, among other useful metrics. 

The Google Nest Hub, formally called the Home Hub, will also now integrate with the popular meditation app Calm. This integration will allow users to start a meditation via voice command. The add-on is free for all users, but only Calm Premium members will get access to the full library. Free users will be stuck with a smaller selection. 

The update rolls out today for United States Nest Hub owners and later in the year for global owners. The smart display’s sleep-tracking capabilities will remain free until 2023. After that, users will have to pay for a Fitbit Premium health and wellness subscription.

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