Google Messages Now Converts iMessage Reactions to Emoji

The once-theorized update has already started rolling out

The potential for the Google Message app to convert iMessage reactions into emoji has become a reality as the new update begins rolling out.

News of a possible change in the Google Message app that would convert iMessage 'Tapbacks' into emoji came out only a few days ago, but a rollout has already begun. Originally noticed by 9to5Google in an APK Teardown post, the update rollout has since been confirmed by reader Jvolkman.

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Many users have begun to notice that the app automatically translates iMessage reactions into the appropriate reactions in Google Messages. So now, instead of seeing reactions as text messages under your own texts, the reaction emoji will be attached to the message being reacted to.

The app can also indicate when a reaction is converted, displaying a "Translated from iPhone" pop-up if you tap on the reaction's icon. But since the iconography is a little different between Apple and Android devices, some of the reactions might look out of place.

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There doesn't seem to be a set pattern in how the update is rolling out, however. Some beta testers say they don't have the option yet, while other non-beta users report that they do. Presumably, it will be available for everyone soon.

This new Google Message update has already begun rolling out. If you're still seeing iMessage reactions in text form, the only thing you can do for now is wait for the update to reach your device.

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