Google Messages May Convert iMessage Reactions to Emoji

Instead of a reaction message, Android users could be seeing smileys

Android users may be getting an alternative to text-based iMessage reactions, which would replace the text in Google Messages with an emoji.

9to5Google dug into the newest beta update for Google Messages and found what looks to be an intended alternative to the app approaching iMessage reactions. Android users who are messaging back and forth with iPhone users currently see these reactions as short text messages, but this potential change could do away with that.

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Instead, it's looking like Google intends to have the Google Messages app replace these iMessage reaction texts with emoji. 9to5Google points out that an inactive option for this supposed feature does appear to be in the version 10.7 beta.

The indication is that it would likely spot, intercept, and replace the reactions with a single icon, though this is mostly speculation based on the nature of the code. An additional bit of code suggests that Android users might also be able to map their own chosen emoji to various reactions.

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Of course, this is based on the programming found in a beta app release, so details aren't exactly clear.

There's no way to know precisely how Google Messages will handle iMessage reaction 'translation' until the feature goes live or Google chimes in. Assuming the feature actually goes live in the first place, because it is still an unannounced option in a beta build.

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