Google Meet Adds 60-Minute Limit for Free Video Calls

No more unlimited call times

Google recently pulled the plug on unlimited free Google Meet video calls and instead put a 60-minute call limit into place. 

According to 9to5Google, Google Meet video calls with three or more people (without a subscription) are limited to one hour, instead of unlimited video time. Video call participants receive a warning at 55 minutes that their meeting will end soon, with the option of the host upgrading their Google account. 

Video call

Getty Images/Luis Alvarez

If you’re having a one-on-one call with someone, you can still have a Google Meet video call for up to 24 hours if you don’t have a Google Workspace subscription. 

Google initially allowed anyone to have a Google Meet video call for any amount of time at the start of the pandemic in April 2020. However, 9to5Google notes that the company kept extending its unlimited call deadline as the pandemic carried on—first from September 2020 to March 2021, and eventually at the end of last month. 

Google Workspace features are now free to everyone, but certain features—such as unlimited video call duration—require a paid subscription starting at $6 a month. However, handy features like the ability to share smart suggestions in emails or documents, mention other users to add them to tasks and present in Google Docs, and add Sheets or Slides directly within your Google Meet calls, are available for anyone with or without a subscription after Google opened Workspace features to anyone with a Google account last month. 

Google Meet’s one-hour limit is actually more than most video conferencing apps. For example, Zoom only lets you video call for 40 minutes on its free plan, and Uberconference enables you to chat for 45 minutes before you’re kicked off a free call. 

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