Google Meet Will Tell You When You're Causing an Echo

And it will tell you what to do about it

Google Meet now will let you know if you're causing an echo during a meeting, and it will give you tips on how to fix the problem.

The new update to Google Meet is intended to make it easier for you to identify and deal with the source of echoing audio if Meet is unable to automatically prevent it. In the event that Google Meet's own audio control functions aren't up to the task, it will notify the culprit directly.

Google Meet meeting notification


Echos during video calls are usually caused by your device's speakers projecting audio loud enough for your microphone to catch it. Essentially, your system is picking up its own audio and then re-broadcasting it, creating the feedback. While it's not particularly difficult to fix audio echoes, it can be tricky to pinpoint their source.

Google Meet options


If the audio feedback is coming from your end, you'll see a red dot on the More Options button and receive a text notification. You can then click on the notification and be taken directly to the Help Center, which will show you the steps you can take to try and fix the problem. Typically it's just a matter of lowering the volume of your speakers, muting yourself when you're not talking, or switching to headphones/earbuds.

The rollout for Google Meet's new echo-monitoring feature already has begun and will take another two weeks to finish. Once ready, it will be available for all Google Workspace, G Suite Basic, and G Suite Business customers.

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