Google Meet Coming to Gmail on Your Phone

Android and iOS Gmail updates will devote a tab to the video chat platform

If Gmail is your go to mail app, you might soon be switching from Zoom (or FaceTime) to Meet.

Video conferencing
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Just weeks after making its video conferencing platform free for all to use on the desktop, Google is getting serious about getting Google Meet into everyone's hands. The company announced that iOS and Android Gmail users will soon see a new Google Meet tab in the email app.

But why? I know, we're all slowly emerging from the Pandemic and maybe even getting back to the office, in-person meetings, and small social groups. However, video conferencing is likely now a permanent part of our culture. Companies like Google consider it an important, competitive market, and they know that you've all been using Zoom because, well, everyone else is, too.

What's special about Google Meet:

  • Supports 250 participants
  • Can support a livestream to thousands of viewers
  • No anonymous meeting participants
  • Encryption

Where is it: Google said in a blog post that a new tab (a lot of real estate for a new feature) should appear in the iOS and Android versions of the Gmail app soon. It'll give you one-click access to all your scheduled Google Meet chats and the ability to quickly set up and share a new one.

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