Google Maps Will Alert You to COVID-19-Related Transit Delays

Google Maps on iOS and Android are getting COVID-19-related features

As the world emerges from the lockdown of the pandemic, understanding from Google Maps what we'll face when we commute (and how to avoid mass transit crowds and delays) could ease what is certain to be a stressful return to "normal."

Transit directions on Google Maps
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Throughout the world, governments are easing restrictions on leaving our homes and traveling. Some in the U.S. are slowly returning to work and, yes, using public transportation. The latest Google Maps update may make these excursions and commutes easier with new alerts related to crowding and other COVID-19-related conditions.

Map it out for me: In a blog post on Monday, Google explained that Google Maps on iOS and Android will now provide alerts on any transit trip that might be affected by COVID-19 restrictions. They're also adding:

  • COVID-19 check point alerts (applicable if you're crossing municipal or state lines or even international borders)
  • Eligibility details for COVID-19 testing centers, to help avoid you arriving without the necessary paperwork or pre-screening information
  • Crowding conditions, which will be crowd-sourced (naturally) and aided by simpler crowd-info submission tools in Google Maps. Look for "Crowdedness Predictions" to add your own local transit conditions.

Stay well, stay apart: Information about mass transit and stations will now include details on busyness to help you plan when you can travel and maintain 6-foot social distancing recommendations.

Bottom line: Where we're going, there are roads and maps, but the rules of the roads have changed. This Google Map update is just another way to more safely navigate a new reality.

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How Google Maps new mass transit Busyness tracker works.  Google

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