Google Maps Letting Businesses Mark Themselves Temporarily Closed

Businesses shut down over COVID-19 concerns can update Maps info

Why This Matters:

With officials urging people to stay home, the rare excursion out for necessities could be upended if you arrive at a store or business that’s unexpectedly closed. This digital info can help optimize your time outdoors.

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Businesses temporarily closed because of the COVID-19 Pandemic can now mark themselves as “Temporarily Closed” on Google Search and Maps through a new page launched by Google.

Behind the scenes: Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced that Google would automatically mark businesses as “temporarily closed” based on government and authoritative source data. He also promised that businesses would eventually be able to mark themselves “temporarily closed” through their “Google My Business Page.”

How to do it: The new Google Support page, which is live now, walks businesses through the fewer than half dozen steps (provided they have one profile) needed to close the business on Search and Maps and mark themselves as “Temporarily Closed.” The company also has a page where businesses can show “special hours.” 

Bottom Line: Time outside right now is precious and knowing which businesses are open is critical for consumers. For businesses, they know they can offer accurate, up-to-date information to customers.

Via: 9to5Mac

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