Google Maps Adds Local Takeout and Delivery Options

More easily find pandemic-friendly food options near you

Finding local takeout and delivery keeps us happy, healthy, and supporting our local economies. Google is making that a whole lot easier with these changes.

Google Maps on iPhone

Google Maps has just updated with both takeout and delivery options in the local map view, as noticed by Lifehacker.

Support local: Those of us who want to help support our local businesses during the current stay-at-home orders around the globe now have an easier way to find them.

How do I do this? Getting to the new options is super easy. Simply launch Google Maps on your smartphone and look under the Search bar. You'll see two new buttons; tap Takeout for restaurants that will let you come and pick your food up (hopefully with contactless practices), and Delivery for those places that will bring your food to you. Google Maps works as per usual from there.

The big picture: As more and more of us stay home, feeding us all with homemade food can become difficult and/or impossible as supplies in local groceries get scarce. Restaurants are a primary part of our local economies, providing work and economic action at the local level. Being able to find places that can help on both levels is paramount to making sure we all get through this pandemic healthy and paid.

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