Google Launches Tangi, a New Video App for Crafty DIYers

Share your crafty knowledge about do it yourself projects

What: Tangi is a learning-focused video sharing app from Google. It's currently in beta.

How: You can get the app for iOS (and soon Android) and use it on the web, as well.

Why Do You Care: If you’re not into TikTok-style viral videos, this might be a great way to share your expertise with an interested community of DIYers.

The Tangi website

If you’re more about your crafting skills than a viral video presence, Google’s got a new video app for you in the vein of TikTok and Byte. This one, however, is all about sharing your knowledge in 60-second do it yourself-style videos.

Called Tangi, a name that evokes the word “tangible” and may stand for “teach and give,” the new video app encourages you to, according to Engadget, share video of a project that you can teach someone else in 60 seconds or less.

The app—available on the App Store but not yet Google Play—lets you browse various topics like Art, Cooking, DIY, Fashion & Beauty, and Lifestyle to find videos of projects that fit your interest. You can also access Tangi on its website.

Not all videos are created equal. Some current Tangi creators could benefit from some practice holding the camera far enough away to see the craft being made, while others need to make sure their audio and voice-overs are more understandable.

As of now, if you want to become a creator, you’ll need to apply for the chance—the creation side of Tangi is in closed beta. That said, you can share video or photo responses to the different crafts. Each video on the service includes a “Try It” button that lets you share media of yourself making whatever it is in the original. I was able to share a photo of a crocheted item for a simple single crochet Tangi video.

If the community takes off (and Google doesn’t kill yet another of its innovative ideas), Tangi could become the spot for crafters and DIY folks to connect and share their knowledge and interests without having to contend with all the noise of a community like TikTok.

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