Google Launches Chromebook Repair Program for US Schools

Partnering with manufacturers like Acer and Lenovo

Google has announced the creation of its Chromebook repair program that aims to help schools keep hardware running and teach students technical skills.

A recent announcement from Google explains that the company has launched a new website to help schools begin or enhance their own Chromebook repairs. According to Google, knowing what devices can be repaired has been a sticking point for some IT administrators, and its new program should address that problem.

Students at Jenks Public Schools in Oklahoma run their own student-led repair program for Chromebooks


While many schools already have Chromebook repair programs or even computer repair classes, Google has created its own Best Practices guide for beginning such a program and to encourage and assist with the creation of more programs.

Google has also started working with Chromebook manufacturers like Acer and Lenovo to create comprehensive guides for repairing and replacing parts. Students and administrators will go through official channels to look up precisely what parts may need attention, where to acquire replacement components, and more.

By making it easier for schools to repair Chromebooks (or begin their own repair programs), Google hopes to foster more successful IT graduates. It also believes that, by repairing rather than replacing, participating schools will also be helping to reduce the amount of electronics waste. Repairing their own equipment may also save these schools a fair bit of money that would otherwise have been needed to buy new Chromebooks.

The Chromebook repair program website is available now for US-based schools and offers information on both Acer and Lenovo products.

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