Google Introduces Pixel Pass Phone Subscription Plan

You'll get a Google Pixel, YouTube Premium, Google Play Pass, and more

Along with the reveal of its new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro phones, Google has announced the Pixel Pass subscription plan, which nets you the latest phone and other benefits.

Google's new Pixel Pass will let you get your hands on a new Pixel phone without a large upfront cost, and give you access to things like YouTube Premium to boot. Depending on whether you want the Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro, it'll set you back $45 a month or $55 a month, respectively, though it won't include carrier costs.

Pixel Pass


The Pixel Pass includes the latest Pixel phone (unlocked, so you can use it with all major carriers), YouTube Premium, and YouTube Music Premium. It also includes Google Play Pass, up to 200GB of cloud storage with Google One, and Google's device protection. So basically you get a new phone, ad-free videos and music on YouTube, free games, and a bunch of space to store your photos and videos.

Google Pixel phone


According to Google, the Pixel Plus subscription automatically will combine with your current provider or Google Fi bill so you can pay for everything in one spot. After 24 monthly payments, your phone will be paid off, and you'll have the option to continue your subscription and receive the next new device. Though if you're already subscribed to services like YouTube Premium or Play Pass, you'll want to cancel them in order to start a Pixel Pass subscription.

You can pre-subscribe to Pixel Pass today, either through the Google Store (if you already have a carrier set up) or through Google Fi (if you use Google Fi). It will tack $45 per month onto your bills for a Pixel 6, or $55 per month for the Pixel 6 Pro—though you can save $5 per month through Google Fi.

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