Google Insights Benefit Business Owners

Turn data into actionable insights

Google headquarters
Justin Sullivan / Staff/Getty Images

If you are like most online businesses, you have a mountain of data at your fingertips. The challenge is to turn that data into insights you can use to make decisions that affect your business. Google promotes the use of three tools to help you do just that: Google Consumer Surveys, Google Correlate, and Google Trends.

Google Consumer Surveys

The best way to know what customers and potential customers think is to ask them. Google Surveys makes it possible to reach out to consumers on computers and mobile devices to better understand your company's marketing efforts, which helps you make better business decisions.

Using Google Surveys, you can target the general population or just Android smartphone users and specify age brackets, gender, country or region of the U.S. You can also select predefined panels that include online dating users, small to medium business owners and managers, mobile social media users, streaming video subscription users and students.

You structure your survey to meet your needs. Google Surveys are priced on a fee for each completed response. Some responses are more complex than others or some surveys more lengthy, while some target specific audiences. The price ranges from 10 cents to $3 per completed response. The longest survey is limited to 10 questions.

Companies can specify how many responses they will pay for. Google recommends 1,500 responses for the best results, but that number is customizable, with a 100 response minimum. 

Google Correlate

The value of Google Correlate lies in its ability to find search patterns that reflect real-world trends or that match a target data series supplied by a company. It is the opposite of Google Trends, in that you enter a data series, which is the target, and are supplied activity by time or state. Any information you find on Google Correlate is free to use, subject to the Google Terms of Service.

You can search by time series or by U.S. states. In the case of time series, you might have a product that is more popular in winter than any other season. You can search for patterns that reveal other products that are more popular in winter. Some search terms are more popular in specific states or regions of the U.S. so you might prefer to search for terms that are active in New England, for example.

Google Trends

Smart business owners want to know what their customers will want in the future. Google Trends can help them anticipate industry trends in advance, by revealing the most-searched topics in real time in a series of categories and countries. You can use Google Trends to dig into trending topics, find real-time marketing opportunities, study niche products or topics by location and learn about local shopping trends. To use Google Trends, just type your keywords or topic into the search bar and view the results filtered by location, timeline, category or specific web searches, which include image search, news search, YouTube search and Google shopping.

Using one or more of these Google tools, you can turn the vast amount of data the internet can deliver valuable insights that benefit your company.