Google Finally Fixes Gmail's Compose Button

Gmail for Android drops the circle and plus sign

A more obvious icon means you gain back a few seconds each day as you no longer frantically search for how to start a new Gmail email.

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Subtle is out. Clarity is in.

If you've ever spent a few moments trying to figure out how to start a new email in Gmail, your tiny nightmare is over. Google recently replaced the icon-only compose button with a larger one filled with the word "Compose."

Say again? If you use the Gmail app on iOS or Android, you're familiar with the somewhat iconic white circle and rainbow plus sign that indicates, 'this is how you compose a message.' Leaving aside the fact that the button is in the lower right corner—possibly the last place you'd look for a compose button—it's simply not the most obvious iconography.

A new look: Now, if you update your Gmail App through the Google Play Store, you'll find a pill-shaped, and much larger, compose button that includes the word Compose and a pencil, just in case the word isn't clear enough.

Gmail icon
The new Gmail Compose icon (top) and how it still appears in Gmail on iOS. Lifewire

Many looks: While the new button is similar to what you see on Gmail for the desktop, they're still not the same. That button is in the upper left-hand corner of the screen (a better spot) and instead of a pencil, it has that iconic "+" sign paired with the word "Compose."

Sorry iPhone: The iOS version of Gmail still has the old look. No word on if it will ever change, though it's fair to assume Google will eventually try to align its iconography across all platforms.

Bottom line: Small changes like these can, especially when they impact often used components, make a big difference in ease of use.

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