The Next Google Event: News and Announcements

The release of the Pixel 6 smartphones

A Google Pixel 6 mobile phone sits in a display window at their corporate store on October 12, 2021 in New York City.

Gary Hershorn/Getty Images

Google officially unveiled the Pixel 6 smartphone line in October 2021. The company teased the smartphones in August, alongside its announcement of the 5G Pixel 5a.

What Is the Date for the Next Google Event?

We don't yet know when the next Google event will take place. 

What Did Google Announce?

The company unveiled the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro smartphones on October 19. The smartphones feature an array of improvements, including Google’s new Tensor system-on-chip (SoC).

The Latest Google Pixel News

While you can always read the latest technology news on Lifewire, here are some pieces of interest about Google Pixel in particular.

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