Google Embraces iOS 16 With Planned Lock Screen Widget Support

Several new options will be available soon

Google is getting ready for iOS 16 with plans to incorporate custom lock screen widgets into several of its existing apps.

If you've ever wished to use Google (or any of its other services) directly from your iPhone's lock screen, you're in luck. Google just announced it is adding lock screen widgets to many apps that will take advantage of the new iOS 16 feature. It won't just be for Google searches, either, though you will have the option of checking the internet via text, voice, or camera without unlocking your phone.

Google Chrome lock screen widget icons


Widget support will also work for Chrome—allowing you to launch the browser from your lock screen (you can even go into Incognito Mode), search with your voice, or play the 'dino game.' Drive is getting support and will allow you to immediately open suggested or starred shared files. Maps is included as well, but its functions stretch beyond just opening the app from the lock screen. The Frequent Trips widget will provide real-time travel estimates to places you commonly visit (home, work, etc.), while you can use the Search widget to find nearby points of interest or necessity.

Additionally, Gmail will be able to show you how many unread messages you have while your phone is still locked. It will also have an option to break down messages by category in case you want to see how many unread emails are high-priority. Finally, the News widget will display real-time headlines on your lock screen, with the option to tap on a headline that interests you to view the full story.

Gmail lock screen widget icons


Lock screen widget functionality is expected to roll out for Google's various apps "in the coming weeks," but Google has not provided a specific date. Whether you already have the supported apps installed or plan to download them, once the updates are live, you can press and hold on your iPhone's lock screen to begin using them.

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