What Was Google Earth's Monster Milktruck Game?

Monster Milk Truck was a game you could play in Google Earth

Monster Milk Truck screenshot

Google Earth's Monster Milktruck was a quick and entertaining game that enabled players to kill a little time and do some Google Earth fantasy exploring.

There was no object to this game. The browser buttons simply controlled a 3D milk truck as it zoomed around Google Earth. The truck drove right through 3D buildings but bounced off mountains and other terrain. Every once in a while, a voice bubble popped up from the truck with comments.

How to Play the Monster Milktruck Game

Monster Milktruck was originally written in 2008 to showcase the capabilities of Google Earth, but that version is no longer supported by Google. 

Other versions popped up later on, like this Monster Milktruck game at Google Earth Blog.

However, Google ended the Google Earth API in December of 2015, so the game is no longer available.

How Did Monster Milktruck Work?

The game required you to download and install Google Earth and a plugin. All you had to do was use the buttons to accelerate and navigate, like click the gas or reverse button to go forward or backward, and the left and right buttons to steer.

Typing a destination in the search box would immediately teleport you there, and there were presets that could whisk you off to places like San Francisco, Whistler, Mount Everest, Tokyo, and Pismo with just a click.

Other Google Earth Games & Features

Although Monster Milktruck is no longer available, there are other fun things you can do in Google Earth.

One example is the Google Earth Flight Simulator where you fly a virtual plane through Google Earth.

Something else you might not know about Google Earth is that it's not fixed just to Earth. You can even explore Mars from Google Earth.

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