Google Duo Calls Can Now Handle 12 People

The video chat app ups its video call participant number from 8 to 12

Why This Matters:

People are now relying heavily on video-calling platforms to stay connected. With some using them to recreate larger virtual gatherings, participant number limits matter.

Lenovo Smart Display — Google Duo Video Call Horizontal

Google Duo, the Android and iOS video calling app, can now handle 12 video call participants, according to a tweet from Google Senior Director of Product & Design Sanaz Ahari Lemelson.

Behind the scenes: Introduced in 2016, Google Duo is Google’s answer to Apple’s popular FaceTime video chat app. Unlike FaceTime, it works on both Android and iOS.

Why Now? Duo, which, as the name indicates, was originally designed for person-to-person video chat, is one of many video conferencing tools people are turning to as they follow COVID-19 Stay at Home guidelines and practice physical distancing.

Still limits: 12 participants pale in comparison to the 32 participants you can put in one FaceTime group chat and the 100 participants that can fit in one free Zoom video call.

What’s next? In her tweet, Lemelson says, “We are grateful that Duo is helping users see their loved ones all around the world.” She adds that there’s more to come, which might mean further extending the number of participants or adding other group features.

Bottom line: Video chat and conferencing apps that add the most group-friendly features during the COVID-19 Pandemic could be the ones that come out on top when life returns to normal, and many people decide they still like using group video chat.

Via: The Verge

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