Best Google Docs Add-ons for Teachers and Education

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Free Google Docs Add-ons for Teachers and Administrators

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A lot of educational institutions use free Google Apps programs, which are effective but streamlined. If you find yourself needing more features for your academic pursuits--whether you are a teacher, administrator, or parent--you should check out something called an add-on.

Add-ons bring in additional tools for your programs, namely Docs or Sheets. Many are free, which is very helpful.

Once you install an add-on, any document you create in that program will be able to utilize those features on any new projects.

To find them, open a blank Google Docs or Sheets document by signing into your Google Drive or Gmail account, then select Add-ons - Get Add-ons.

You will find many options, but here are the ones I would suggest you start with. Let me know if you run into questions!

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Doctopus Add-on for Google Docs

Doctopus Add On for Google Docs


According to Google this is "An octopus for docs! Teacher-built tool for scaffolding, managing, organizing, and assessing student projects in Google Drive.

Doctopus gives teachers the ability to mass-copy (from a starter template), share, monitor student progress, and manage grading and feedback for student projects in Google Drive."


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Free autoCrat Add-on for Google Sheets by New Visions Cloud Lab

autoCrat Add On for Google Sheets by New Visions Cloud Lab


Google Sheets, the spreadsheet program in Google Apps, can become a reporting tool and more thanks to the autoCrat Add On for Google Sheets by New Visions Cloud Lab.

You should be able to try this app for free.

This can be a great way to track metrics and more.


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Flubaroo Grading Add-on for Google Sheets

Flubaroo Add-On for Google Sheets


Teachers, grading and reporting with Google Apps just got a whole lot easier.

The free Flubaroo Grading Add-On for Google Sheets allows you to grade, analyze performance, and email information to students from within your spreadsheet, thanks to developer Dave Abouav of {}.

Talk about an easy system for getting feedback to your students or their parents!



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Kaizena Shortcut Add-on for Google Docs

Kaizena Shortcut Audio Feedback App for Google Docs


The Kaizena Shortcut Add-On for Google Docs allows teachers or instructors to give audio feedback on student documents or assignments. The add-on installs a tool which the user can click to begin and end the recording.

This is awesome because most people can speak much more quickly than they can write, and teachers need all the help they can get. Some students feel this is a more personal way to receive feedback as well.

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Mapping Sheets Add-on for Google Sheets

Mapping Sheets Add-On for Google Sheets


This Mapping Sheets Add-in for Google Sheets is one of our absolute favorites. Using a spreadsheet of address data, you can display multiple points on a map simply and easily.

Instructors and students alike are likely to find many uses for this whether for preparing a presentation or analyzing data.

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Styles Add-on for Formatting Google Sheets

Styles Add-On for Google Sheets


Students or teachers can expand the stylistic options available in spreadsheets by installing this free Styles Add-On for Google Sheets.

A convenient sidebar will then be available for every Sheets spreadsheet you create.

Tools include headings styles, cell highlighting styles, data output formatting, and more.


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Thesaurus Add-on from Apps 4 Gapps for Google Docs

Thesaurus Add-On from Apps 4 Gapps for Google Docs


Educational projects typically involve a lot of writing, which means you may find yourself at a loss for how to say what you need to say.

Find that perfect word more easily using this free Thesaurus Add-On from Apps 4 Gapps for Google Docs.


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VexTab Musical Notation Add-on for Google Docs

VexTab Musical Notation Add On for Google Docs


Want to use Google Apps for musical composition or music theory? Music instructors and students can use this free VexTab Musical Notation Add-On for Google Docs to have more options for musical notation.