Google Could Be Launching Its Own Smartcard: Report

Watch out, Apple Card

Google may be looking to follow in the financial footsteps of rival Apple, have access to more of your transaction data, or both. Either way, this is a big move for the company.

Google logo on a glass business front
Drew Angerer / Getty images

Google could be taking on a new financial role in your life with a smart debit card, with leaked images reported by TechCrunch.

Details: The images point to both a physical and virtual debit card, which could let you buy stuff via Google Pay, a physical card, and online. There's also shots of a new Google app which will let you see what you've bought, check your balance, and maybe even lock your account with a tap. TechCrunch says the Google card will co-brand with various bank partners like CITI and Stanford Federal Credit Union.

Then what? So far, Google Pay can only work online or peer to peer with a connected personal debit or credit card, like Apple Pay does without the Apple Card. Adding a financial instrument makes sense for Google to move into the financial arena.

Fintech: As TechCrunch points out, everyone wants to be a financial institution. Google's leg up on the competition, though, is its connection to vast data. That could help manage risk in a way that other banking companies, even Apple, cannot.

Bottom line: Google's been working on this for a while, so it's not a huge surprise to see this leak now. You can be sure at some point in the near future, you'll be looking at an actual Google Card, whatever they end up calling it.

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