Google Chat Enables Marking Messages and Spaces as Unread

You also can clear a room full of unread message badges

Google Chat is adding the option to mark messages and spaces as unread or read, with the rollout planned to continue for at least the next two weeks.

If you use Google Chat, you should be able to mark your messages and spaces as read/unread either now or soon. The option is rolling out to everyone who uses Google Workspace, as well as G Suite Basic and G Suite Business, with no admin or end-user actions required. No menu diving will be needed to turn it on—it will be enabled by default once the rollout reaches you.

Google Chat on mobile


Marking read messages as unread is something Google acknowledges as a common method of staying organized, which is why it's coming to Google Chat. The intention is to provide a more straightforward way to stay on top of exchanges you may not have time to address immediately, but will need to come back to. You'll also be able to mark entire threads as unread, starting from a specific message.

Google Chat on desktop


Both mobile and web interfaces are covered in the rollout, as well, so regardless of your platform of choice you're still covered. The only difference is the interface, with the option appearing under "message actions" and "conversation options" on mobile. On the web, it will appear in the conversation list in the left-side menu bar or as an icon when you hover over a message.

The rollout already has begun, with Google estimating it could take until November to finish. If you want to make use of it, your best bet is to check in occasionally to see if the option is suddenly available.

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