Google Calendar Review

Learn why you should try this impressive free tool

Google Calendar Month View in Chrome

Google Calendar is a free online calendar where you can keep track of events and share them with family, friends, or co-workers. Google Calendar also lets you set up reminders and send invitations, as well as keep track of RSVPs.

Sharing With Google Calendar

One of the main advantages of Google Calendar is its sharing abilities. Family members can share Google Calendars and keep track of meetings, appointments, birthdays, and other events.

Google Calendar can be accessed and updated by whoever has permission. Create multiple calendars and share none, some, or all of them. This is helpful if you want a personal calendar in addition to a work or family calendar shared with others.

To share a calendar, open Google Calendar in a web browser (you can't share calendars from the Google Calendar app). Go to the My Calendars section, choose the calendar you want to share, select More, then select Settings and Sharing.

To share with specific people, go to the Share With Specific People section and select Add people. Enter the person's email address and use the dropdown menu to adjust permission settings.

To share your calendar broadly, go to Access Permissions and select a sharing option. When you make the calendar public, you have the ability to share the ICS file for the calendar as well as an HTML link that lets others see your calendar in a web browser.

Google Calendar Is Easy to Use

You don't need a manual to get started with Google Calendar. Click on a day and start typing to add events. View the calendar by day, week, or month, depending on your preference. All views are easy to use. There's also a way to view calendars by four days at once and as an agenda, which is a list of upcoming events.

More Information on Google Calendar

Here are more details about Google Calendar:

  • Since it's web-based, access Google Calendar from anywhere. View a read-only version of your calendar if you don't have internet access.
  • If you have a Google account and use services such as YouTube or Gmail, you have the login information necessary to use Google Calendar.
  • Even though multiple calendars can be overlayed on top of one another, differentiating between their events is easy because each calendar can be a different color.
  • Toggling a calendar off is as simple as one click. The calendar isn't deleted, just hidden.
  • Google Calendar is available as an app for iPhone and Android phones.
  • Use Google Calendar to send invitations. Collect RSVPs from the calendar or from email messages.
  • Reminders can be set for events and then texted or emailed to you.
  • Sync Google Calendar with Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal, and similar programs.
  • Weather icons based on your location can be toggled on, displaying a small weather icon for the current day and a few days later in the week.
  • The week's starting day can be changed in the Calendar settings.
  • Print a specific range of events or export that range to PDF.

Closing Thoughts

Google Calendar may not be the flashiest online calendar available, but it's free, easy, reliable, and worth a try.

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