Google Buzz Is Dead

Google Takeout

Google Buzz was one of many failed social networking tools from Google. It was obvious that the service was not going to survive once Google announced a new strategy of "fewer arrows, more wood," which meant focusing their development energy on successful products and getting rid of the less successful experiments. 

The service, which was originally known internally as "Taco Town," was a Twitter-like social network for posting, and you got there from within your Gmail account.

You could import your Twitter feed, but replying to imported Twitter posts didn't rebroadcast the responses back to Twitter (a pity, since that might have saved the service, just like it saved FriendFeed. Well, at least it saved FriendFeed long enough to be purchased by Facebook.) But hey, a social network that used the friends you already had, since you'd been emailing them on Gmail. What could possibly go wrong?

Google Buzz had a privacy misstep almost immediately since they pre-populated your Google Buzz contacts with your Gmail contacts and listed them publicly. Everyone could see who your contacts were. This turned out to be a problem in the wide roll-out when a few people didn't want their business partners, mistresses, and lawyers to get to know each other. 

It turns out that not everyone wants to have a big, public, social network suddenly show up attached to their Gmail address. Even after Google corrected the privacy issues, the damage had been done, and Google Buzz never took off. After Google+ came out, it was only a matter of time before Google Buzz followed Google Wave with that big Google goodbye.