Google Blames Pixel 6 Slow Fingerprint Scanner on Advanced Security

Support pages seem to suggest lack of moisture can cause issues, too

Google has responded to users complaining about the fingerprint scanner on the Pixel 6, citing 'advanced security algorithms' as the primary cause. 

On Sunday, Google responded to complaints from a Pixel 6 user regarding the smartphone's fingerprint scanner. According to Google's response, many users have experienced slow responses from the Pixel 6's fingerprint scanner because of enhanced security algorithms. Unfortunately, it doesn't offer any real details on this enhanced security, but it did link to several troubleshooting steps that users can follow.

Woman using Google Pixel 6


Based on the support documents, Google recommends avoiding brightly lit areas when trying to enter your fingerprint. It also says that certain screen protectors can cause issues with the fingerprint sensor built into the scanner.

Additionally, the company recommends ensuring there is no dirt or moisture on your finger—or that your finger isn’t too dry—when trying to unlock your Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro using the fingerprint scanner.

While enhanced security might be worth the slower fingerprint scanner for some, some users are unhappy with the response. Based on reports from AndroidPolice, some Pixel 6 phones have been unlocked using fingerprints from people not registered to those devices.

This has made some question the statements about advanced security algorithms, though Google has made no official response to those reports.

This isn’t the first time a smartphone has had issues with its fingerprint scanner when first released. In 2019, Samsung’s S10 and Note 10 phones suffered from a similarly slow response time.

A fix was applied via an update, though it’s unclear if the Pixel 6’s scanner problems can be fixed the same way. 

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