How to Use Google Assistant on iPhone

Move over Siri, Google Assistant is here

What To Know

  • Download and install Google Assistant from the App Store. Follow the prompts to configure and customize the app.
  • To enable "Hey Siri, Hey Google," open the Shortcuts app and tap Add (plus sign) > Add Action then search for and tap Assistant.
  • Then, tap Hey Google and add the Hey Google shortcut. You'll be able to say "Hey Siri, Hey Google" to interact with Assistant.

This article explains how to add Google Assistant to your iPhone on top of Siri, so you can access Google Assistant by saying, “Hey Siri, Hey Google.” Instructions in this article work for iOS 12 and later.

Install and Set Up the Google Assistant App

Before we dive in, verify Siri is enabled on your phone. In most cases, Siri is on by default, but if you need to enable it, open Settings > Siri & Search and then toggle on the Listen for “Hey Siri” slider.

  1. Open the App Store on your iPhone and search for Google Assistant, then tap Get > Install. Enter your Apple ID if prompted.

    iPhone app store with Search, "google assistant for iPhone," Get, and Install highlighted
  2. Open the Google Assistant app and sign in or continue with a Google account. You'll see a message about Google Partners working with your Assistant. Tap Continue.

  3. You’ll see a request to allow Assistant to send you notifications. Choose either Allow or Don’t Allow.

    Google assistant app with continue as, continue, and allow highlighted

    When prompted, be sure to allow Google Assistant to access your microphone so the system can recognize your spoken requests.

  4. On the app's home page, tap your profile picture or icon to configure additional settings. For example, tap You to customize personal information, tap Devices to manage or add devices, and tap Assistant Voice to choose a voice.

    Google Assistant app with profile pic and additional settings highlighted

Enable 'Hey Siri, Hey Google'

Next, enable a Siri shortcut phrase that allows you to open the Google Assistant app with that phrase.

  1. Open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone and tap the plus sign (+).

  2. Tap Add Action.

  3. Search for Assistant, then tap Assistant under Apps.

    Adding a Shortcut with "Add Action" and "Assistant" highlighted
  4. Tap Hey Google.

  5. Toggle on Show When Run and then tap Next.

  6. Type Hey Google as your shortcut's name and tap Done.

    Naming new shortcut Hey Google
  7. Your new Hey Google shortcut now appears on your Shortcut screen. To use it, say, "Hey Siri," followed by "Hey Google." You'll see a message that says, "What do you want to ask Google?" The Google Assistant app will launch with the answer to your query.

    The Shortcut screen with "Hey Google shortcut," "What do you want to ask Google" highlighted, with the assistant app chat

What You Can Ask Google Assistant on iPhone

In the Google Assistant app, either tap the microphone icon to talk to the app or tap the keyboard icon and type your question. When you start the app with a spoken “Hey Siri, Key Google” command, Assistant listens for your request by default.

In the lower-right, tap the compass icon to see and search through possible Google Assistant actions. Or, ask Assistant, “What can Google Assistant do?”

Google Assistant app with the microphone, compass, and "What can Google Assistant Do" highlighted

Have Google Assistant Find Your Phone

Notably, Google Assistant can help you find your lost iPhone. Say, "Hey Google, find my phone" to any Google Home-enabled device, such as a smart display or Nest smart speaker. Your iPhone will emit a custom sound even if it's on silent mode. To enable this capability, you'll need to go to the Google Home app and opt into accepting notifications.

Configure Routines

Google Assistant also works with any Google Home devices you have configured. From the Assistant app, control specific devices or configure routines to trigger several actions at once with a single command.

For example, configure a sunrise or sunset routine for your Google Home devices, such as having your living room lights turn on at sundown.

  1. Open the Google Assistant app and tap your profile picture or icon.

  2. Tap Routines > New.

    Google Assistant app with Routines and New highlighted
  3. Tap Add starter, then tap sunrise/sunset. From there, customize your times and actions.

    Assistant app creating routine with Add Starter and Sunrise/Sunset highlighted

More Google Assistant Capabilities

Open other Google apps, such as Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Maps, from within Google Assistant (if you have these apps on your iPhone). Ask Assistant to speak the latest news or weather, perform basic calculations, or play music.

Of course, Google Assistant excels at performing Google searches by voice. So sports scores, recipes, nearby restaurants, stores, or any search you might typically type can instead be searched with a spoken request.

  • How do I turn off Google Assistant on my iPhone?

    You can turn off Google Assistant either by removing the app's microphone access via your iPhone's Settings, or by deleting the Google Assistant app.

  • How do I delete my Google Assistant activity with my iPhone?

    Log into your Google Assistant Activity page, then select the three dots icon in the top-right > Delete activity by > All time > Delete, then Delete again to confirm. This will remove all of your Google Assistant activity from all of your devices, though Google notes it make take a day before you see the effects on those other devices.

  • How do I change my Google Assistant voice on iPhone?

    In the Google Assistant app, select your profile image in the top-right > Assistant voice, then choose the voice you want to use.

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