Google Assistant and Nest Hub Now Working With Legoland

For when you're planning a Legoland vacation and want to limit human interaction

Google has extended its Assistant and Nest Hub services to Legoland hotels and resorts to provide visitors with a hands-free way to manage their vacation.

Google Nest Hub and Google Assistant have been offering voice-controlled assistance for hotel guests across the US and the UK. Now Google is extending the hands-free hospitality service to Legoland hotels in California and New York. Convenience and safety are the two main factors with this match-up. Google wants visitors and their families to be able to enjoy themselves while feeling safer at a public resort like Legoland.

Legoland and Google Assistant


While looking up nearby restaurants or park operation times is something you could do with just about any device, Google Assistant does offer some exclusive features. You can contact the hotel directly via voice commends to request room service or new towels, or check out from your room without having to wait in line or pick up the phone. You can take a YouTube tour of the park in advance to plan out the best routes to take during your visit. There's even an option to speak to Legoland characters in the hub to learn about the park or set up a personal alarm.

Legoland and Google Nest Hub


Google also assures users that privacy protection is a priority, as Google Assistant doesn't require a sign-in or link to your user account. The device will not store audio, and any activity logs are automatically deleted when it's reset for the next guest.

You can find Google Assistant on Nest Hub in Legoland Hotel and Castle Hotel at the California Resort, and the new Legoland Hotel at the New York Resort. Google has yet to state whether or not it will be bringing Google Assistant to other Legoland park locations in the future.

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