Best Innovative Google G Suite Add-Ons for Business

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Improve Google G Suite (Google Docs and Sheets) with Free Add-ons

Choosing Google Apps Add-ons.

If you are a Google G Suite (formerly Google Apps) user of Docs or Sheets, here are some of the best free add-ons for business you may not know about yet.

For those not acquainted with Google Apps, Docs is the word processor and Sheets is the spreadsheet in this online office software suite you use in your browser, with an internet connection.

For Google G Suite, add-ons are third-party tools you can install right into your office software program's toolbar. In that way, these are different than templates, because they are there to use for any document. Other software suites may term these type of tools as add-ins or third-party apps.

Where to Get Add-ins for Google G Suite

Once you are in a blank Google Doc screen, select Add-ons - Get Add-ons.

Dozens of free add-ons are available. To save you time, here are the ones I consider the most useful. Happy searching!

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Business Hangouts Document Collaboration Add-On for Google G Suite

Business Hangouts Document Collaboration Add On for Google Docs.

Collaborating on documents is one of the key features of Google Docs, including real-time editing with other authors on the same document. 

If you're looking for a way to add audio and video to those meetings, you may be interested in this Business Hangouts Document Collaboration add-on, courtesy of The interface includes multiple windows and integration with users' Google+ profiles.

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Gliffy Diagrams Add-On for Google G Suite

Gliffy Diagrams Add On for Google Docs.

If you communicate business ideas through flow charts or diagrams, you will want to check out Gliffy Diagrams add-ons

Features include tracked changes for multiple editors, customizable shapes and other diagram elements, and more.

Gliffy also offers tools for floor layouts, organizational charts, and other specialized diagrams.

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Google Translate Add-On for G Suite

Google Translate Add On for Google Docs.

If business has made a jet-setter out of you, you likely find yourself in contact with more languages than you have time to learn.

Google Docs users who are frequently on the go may find it useful to add this free Google Translate add-on right into their program interface.

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MindMeister Mind Mapping Add-On for Google G Suite

MindMeister Mind Mapping Add On for Google Docs.

The MindMeister Mind Mapping add-on makes it easy to brainstorm or conceptualize as an individual or a team.

This add on transforms your bulleted lists to a visual representation of your ideas, which many find inspires them creatively.

It also makes it easier to share your ideas with other stakeholders in your vision.

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MailChimp Email Merge Add-On for Google G Suite

MailChimp Email Merge Add On for Google Docs.

Ever wanted to send an email right from your Google Docs document? MailChimp Email Merge add-on lets you do just that.

By saving emails in a Google Sheet file, you can make sharing documents that much easier. This is a free tool that could streamline your productivity tasks just a little bit more.

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Supermetrics Analytics Reporting Add-On for Google G Suite

Supermetrics Analytics Reporting Add On for Google Docs.

If your daily task list includes business reporting, you may be interested in this Supermetrics Analytics Reporting add-on.

Find and display data about your organization's marketing through Google Analytics and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

You can also integrate this add on with AdWords, Bing Ads, Google Webmaster Tools, and more.

The links I've included in this slide show assume that a user is signed in to Google Drive. Otherwise, you may be prompted to do so. Most users will be able to simply login to Google Docs through their Google Drive or Gmail sign-in.