Google Announces Robust New AI Tools for Photos, Maps, and Gmail

Editable images, immersive routes, and more

Google’s big I/O conference is currently underway and the company opened up with some major artificial intelligence (AI) updates for popular apps like Photos, Maps, and Gmail. 

The trio of apps are all getting an AI-enhanced facelift in the coming months, with a variety of new tools and features. Gmail has already been integrated with some AI, which is why it suggests stuff for you to write, but it’s getting a major boost. The new Gmail will be able to compose entire emails given simple text prompts, with the ability to revise, change the tone, and do just about anything else you can think of. 

Google Magic Editor


For Google Photos, the company is taking its well-regarded Magic Eraser tool to the next level with the introduction of Magic Editor. In addition to the tools already available, like removing unwanted objects from the frame, Magic Editor can change up the lighting, move your subjects around at will, change the backgrounds, and so much more. The tool rolls out to testers in the next few weeks with wider availability coming later this year. 

Finally, there’s Google Maps. The upcoming AI-enhanced version of the incredibly popular app brings all kinds of new features to the table, like the ability to track traffic, weather changes, and air quality. There is also a new tool called Immersive View for Routes. As the name suggests, this gives you a multimodal experience when looking at directions. You’ll get AI-enhanced visuals of the entire route along with pertinent information like bike lanes, sidewalks, busy intersections, and parking options. 

Google Immersive Route View


It works by fusing together billions of Street View and aerial images to create a complete digital copy of the world, which you can peruse at leisure before departing. There’s even a time slider so you can adjust when you leave to fit your schedule. This is a massive undertaking, so the tool is only launching in 15 cities at first, including New York City, San Francisco, Tokyo, and London. Immersive View for Routes should be available in the next few months. 

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