Google Adds Workspace Feature for Better Time Management

Time Insights provides a better view of how you spend your time

Google is adding a Time Insights panel to its Calendar desktop app, showing users how much time they spend in work meetings.

Google announced the new feature on its Workspace Updates blog, where it revealed that Time Insights will gradually roll out over the coming month on select Workspace plans.

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The purpose of Time Insights is to help people better manage their time and have more control over their schedules. The feature gives insight into how their work hours are utilized and notes what meetings a user may have on a given day.

Users also can pin people they contact frequently into a "People you meet with" section and show any shared meetings on the calendar by hovering over their names.

The time breakdowns are shown to the calendar owner only and not their supervisor to maintain privacy. However, users can grant permission to supervisors, if desired.

Time Insights only will be available to Workspace Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, and nonprofit customers.

Google has yet to say whether this feature will extend to mobile or only apply to the standard Calendar app.

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Google Workspace launched in October 2020 to aid in bringing customers and businesses together as people worked remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Time Insights is a part of the collection of features on the Workspace platform.

Other features include Workspace Frontline for frontline workers, a second screen experience on Google Meet, and integration with Google Assistant.

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