Google Adds New Air Quality Information to Nest Hub, Hub Max

The new feature is only available in select parts of the US

Google has added a new air quality index (AQI) feature to Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max devices in select parts of the US.

The announcement, made on the Google Nest Help page, states that air quality information will be displayed on the ambient screen of the Nest Hub devices. The AQI badge will be included in the clock/weather widget for users.

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Google states the reason for this new feature is the wildfire season currently afflicting several states, as well as increasing efforts to reduce air pollution. The company wants to inform people of the air quality in their area to better protect themselves and sensitive individuals from unclean air.

The feature sources data from the Environmental Protection Agency's AQI database and displays the information with a number value from 0 to 500, and a corresponding color scheme.

For example, an AQI value of 50 or below means the air quality is good, as indicated by green, while a value of over 300 is considered hazardous, and is indicated in maroon.

The AQI feature will roll out to Nest devices over the next few weeks and users will be able to configure notifications, as well as have the option to remove the badge from the display at any time.

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There is no official confirmation that the feature will be available in all regions of the US or even other countries.

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