Google Adds More Search Features to Improve Your Travel Planning

Specifically, choosing a hotel and booking a flight

Google Search is getting two more features that make planning and booking travel arrangements easier and more affordable.

Google has some new Search features specifically intended to help you figure out flights and hotels when planning travel. Once they're live, all you'll have to do is search for things as you normally would. The updated search functions kick in automatically.

Packing a suitcase and making arrangements on smartphone

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An aptly-labeled pilot program is kicking off for Google Flights, referred to as "price guarantees." When you search for flights, you'll see a badge indicating that Google believes the price is the lowest it will be. Then if you purchase a ticket with a price guarantee badge and the price drops before the plane departs, Google will refund you the difference using Google Pay.

Google is trying to improve your accommodation choices with a new hotel search option. Perform a search for hotels in and around a given location, as you typically would. With the new Google Search features, when you select a result to review additional details, you can swipe through several photos in a story-like format to give you a better idea of what each place has to offer. However, you shouldn't expect something as in-depth as Immersive View.

Google Flights price guarantee, and Google Search hotel story views


Both the pilot program for airline ticket price guarantees and expanded search details for hotels begin rolling out this week. Google has also stated that, throughout the pilot program's run, price guarantees will only apply to flights originating in the US using "Book on Google" itineraries.

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