Google Acknowledges Pixel 6 Wi-Fi Issues, Promises Fix

Software update coming in March

Without Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, a smartphone is basically just a (gasp!) phone, and nobody wants that. Yet, that’s what some Pixel 6 owners have been reporting. 

Following an early February system update, certain Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro users have posted a number of problems using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to various support forums. Now, Google has finally acknowledged the issue with an official response on a Reddit thread.

Google Pixel 6 Wi-Fi


Google minimized the prevalence of the bug, stating that it has impacted a "very small number of devices," and also saying that the company has discovered the root cause after a lengthy investigation into the matter. 

As such, Google has developed a software fix that will roll out with the next system update in early March.

Google is aware that forcing adopters of their premium smartphone line to wait an entire month to use wireless connectivity is asking a lot, so it's telling impacted consumers to get in touch with the support team if they want to "explore other options," though the post stopped short of explaining exactly what that means. 

This is not the first major issue arising from a Pixel 6 system update. Google disabled the first major update for the line in December after users began reporting disconnected and dropped calls due to a bug in the call screening and hold features. 

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