Use Good Sort Facebook App to Find Your Best Page Posts

Have you ever wondered what your most popular post was on your Facebook profile? Maybe you are an administrator of a Facebook page, and you want to see which of your content is shared the most? No worries. The Good Sort Facebook application can do these things and more!

How to get started?

Getting started with this application is simple and easy. To use this app, first, you must have an iPhone/iPad, or some Apple product that supports the application, and then you can simply go to the ​App Store and search “Good Sort” in the search bar.

Once you have download the free app, you will be prompted to “Connect with Facebook.” Be sure to do this, because this is the only way that the app can successfully analyze your content. Once the application has been downloaded, the following page will appear (instead of three months it will read six months), and you will be required to purchase a subscription for $2.99 for unlimited sorting for six months.

How to use the app:

This application can be used to sort Facebook content from the following types of pages/profiles:

  • Personal Timelines
  • A friend's Wall
  • A group that you administer
  • A Page that you administer

Your Personal Profile:

Choose “From My Wall” on the home menu of the Good Sort app. You can choose to sort your posts by popularity, or by post date. After choosing one of those two items, you can then sort the posts by "likes," comments, or shares. (Choose this option depending on what it is that you would like to measure.) Then click the large orange button on the bottom of the page that reads “SORT” to let the application work its magic.

From a Friends Wall:

Choose “From a Friend's Wall” on the home menu of the Good Sort app. A list of all of your Facebook friends will appear in alphabetical order. Enter the friend’s name whose profile you would like to view in the search bar found at the top of your screen. Then follow the same steps as above in the personal profile section. Choose whether to sort posts by popularity or by post date. Then decide which you would like the posts to be sorted by, "likes," comments, or shares.

A Group

In order to use this option, you must be the creator or an administrator of the group whose posts you desire to sort. On the home menu of the application, choose “From a Group.” Once you do this, a list of the groups you have created, or are an administrator for, will appear in a list. Choose the group you would like to analyze from the list. Then you can choose to sort posts by popularity or by post date. And then onto further options, you can choose to sort by "likes," comments or by shares.

From a Page

To sort posts from a Facebook page, you must be an admin of the page. To choose this option, choose “From a Page” on the home menu of the app. A list of the pages you administrate will appear in alphabetical order. Choose the page you would like to sort. Select whether you would like to sort by popularity or by post date. Then you can choose to sort by "likes," comments, or by shares. Click “SORT” to finish the process.

In addition, when browsing with the Good Sort app, you have the option of saving your favorite posts on Facebook to a favorites tab within the application. You can also share your findings with friends on Twitter, Facebook, or through email via the “share” option in “Settings.”

Good Sort App Pros and Cons

Like most everything in the tech world, Good Sort has both pros and cons to using its services. Below is a list of pros and cons in regards to the application.

The Pros

  • You are able to sort ANY one of your friend’s Facebook profiles.
  • The app provides options, depending on what metric you'd like to measure ("likes," comments or shares).
  • You are able to save your favorite posts to view at your convenience.
  • There are no ads on this application. This means you can explore your profiles easily with the convenience of no advertisements.
  • Once you pay the subscription fee, you can sort an unlimited amount.
  • You have the ability to analyze what works and what doesn’t on Facebook Pages.
  • The app received 4 out of 5 stars on ranked by users.
  • The app brings order to your Facebook.

The Cons

  • The application itself is free, but you must purchase a subscription every six months in order to utilize the sorting of the app.
  • The application only allows the sorting of pages and groups of which you are an administrator.
  • The application can take quite a bit of time to sort through pages with a large amount of content.
  • The application is only available for Facebook and not for other social media platforms. (Yet)

Reasons Why You Should Use It

This application is very useful for anyone active on social media. With social media and community management becoming so critical in the business world today, this application is one of the many great tools that can aid in analyzing social media efforts. If you don’t mind paying the $2.99 subscription fee twice a year, this application can certainly provide benefits to both individuals and businesses alike.

Additional reporting provided by Katie Higginbotham.