A Look at the Most Beloved Golf Games for the PC

List of the very best golf video games for your computer

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You don't need to go to a golf course to play a game of golf. In fact, you can sit right where you are and play any of these golf games right from your computer.

Below are several golf games for the PC that range from action filled games with ultra-realistic graphics to the strategy based games that focus on managing a golfer's career. There's a game for you no matter which you prefer.

Here are our top picks for the best PC golf games:

Total Pro Golf 2 Screenshot
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Total Pro Golf 3 is not your typical golf game. Instead of swinging the club at just the right momentum, you will build skill, pick the right tournaments, and aim for your golfer. 

Total Pro Golf has a top-down view of the golf course, and you guide your golfer through the course based on their skills and the environment. More »

Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf is a very realistic golf game that you can download through Steam. It supports both single and multiplayer mode.

This PC golf game features highly realistic and accurate physics to make the experience that much more life-like. The characters and courses really make you feel like you're standing there yourself. More »

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If you're into mini golf instead, you might like Golf It!, a multiplayer golf game where you can build and play on your own custom courses.

Golf It! isn't nearly as realistic as Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf but for a mini-golf game, the animations and color really make you want to stay and play all day. More »

In one of the best selling golf games of its time, you play with Arnold Palmer and other amateur golfers in the realistic Links LS 2000 golf game.

There are over 20 championship courses, 30+ different gameplay modes like match play and strokes, and you can even set up your own golf tournaments. More »

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You should invest in the Tiger Woods PGA Tour series if you are looking for a realistic golf simulation.

This game is for you if you want to work on the career of one golfer while playing in big tournaments.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 has the awe-inspiring graphics and the difficulty of being out on the golf course. More »

Another mini golf game available through Steam is Golf With Your Friends which, just as the name suggests, lets you play mini golf with others.

This game supports playing golf with up to 12 people and has graphics on par with Golf It! mentioned above. More »

Sid Meier's SimGolf Box Cover
Box Cover © Electronic Arts.

SimGolf was originally released in 2002. Despite being released years ago, it is still one the best choices of golf games for the PC.

Typical of other Maxis sim games, the gameplay is about management of a golf resort. While playing through self-designed or pre-made courses, you'll find the combination of management, course play, and colorful graphics to provide hours of entertainment.

Because SimGolf was released so long ago, it might be difficult to find a standalone version, but it can also be purchased through the Sim Mania 3 collection. More »

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