Create a Gold Seal in Microsoft Word

A paper scroll with red ribbon and golden seal.

fpm / Getty Images

The newest versions of Microsoft Word support much more robust shaping tools, so making a faux gold seal or seal-of-approval ribbon is a painless process.

These instructions govern Microsoft Word 2019 and 2016, and Word for Mac and Word for Office 365.

How to Add Certificates and Ribbons in Microsoft Word

Word's Shapes tool helps you create and modify different types of shapes:

  1. Select Insert and from the Illustrations group, click the Shapes drop-down.

    Word Shapes
  2. From the Stars and Banners section, pick a star—like a 16-pointed star—and draw it on the Word canvas. It'll appear with default formatting, and the Shape Format menu should open when the star is selected.

    Shape formatting
  3. Use the Shape Format tools to tweak your image to your satisfaction. For example, to make the star gold, to simulate a foil seal, use the Shape Fill tool to change the color to an appropriate shade of orange-yellow, and use the Shape Outline tool to remove the outline.

  4. Double-click the star to insert text as an overlay.

    gold star in word

Instead of shapes, you're also free to insert clipart.