The Godfather 2 Cheats, Codes, and Secrets for PS3

Make your mobster life easier

Godfather 2 screen capture


Just like the movie, The Godfather 2 on PlayStation 3 is all about extorting businesses, monopolizing illegal crime rings, and feuding with other families in an effort to build the most powerful mob in America. Fortunately, The Godfather 2 has cheat codes that make being the Don of New York a little more manageable.

These cheats apply exclusively to the PS3 version. There are separate cheats for The Godfather 2 on Xbox 360.

The Godfather 2 Cheat Codes

The following cheat codes must be entered while in The Don's View mode. After entering a cheat, you must wait five minutes before you can enter another one.

Cheat Code
Free Money ($5,000) Square, Triangle, Square, Square, Triangle, L3
Full Ammo Triangle, Left, Triangle, Right, Square, R3
Full Health Left, Square, Right, Triangle, Right, L3

The Godfather 2 Attack Combos

Enter the correct button combinations to pull off powerful moves.

Move How to Execute
Arm break R1, R1, R1, L1
Backhand L1, R1, L1, R1, L1
Haymaker R1, L1, R1, L1, R1
Kick to shin R1, R1 L1
Knee to groin L1, L1, R1
Neck punch L1, L1, L1, R1

Earn Easy Money

Attract attention from the police by committing a crime in front of your safehouse. Shoot everyone you see, then run inside the safehouse to regenerate health. When you go back outside, the police will be gone, and you can pick the pockets of the people you just killed.

Where to Find Characters in The Godfather 2

Characters won't appear in the following spots if you haven't yet met them in the main story, or if you already killed them off.

Character Location Description
Alvin Uzzano Northeast of Richie's Tavern, New York Safecracker/Medic with an Advanced Gun License
Bernard Uzzano The large crypt north of the hangout at Goldenrest Cemetery, Florida Bruiser/Medic with an Advanced Gun License
Jimmy Lira Jersey's Sports Bar in Las Palmas, Florida (purchase as DLC) Arsonist/Medic/Safecracker/Engineer
Leroy Petriboni Jersey's Sports Bar in Las Palmas, Florida Safecracker/Engineer with Expert Gun License
Ray Fogliano On top of building across from Corman's Drive-In, Florida Arsonist/Demolitions
Ray Ricci In the square between Casino Imperial and capitol in Cuba Demolitions/Engineer with Expert Gun License
Roy Mancini At the airport in Corazon de Oro, Cuba next to the second plane Bruiser/Engineer with Expert Gun License

How to Recruit Tommy Cipolla

Players who pre-ordered The Godfather 2 can unlock Tommy Cipolla as a playable character. From the title menu, select Options, select Enter Unlock Code, then enter F5RE-ZYHJ-TGC2-29MG.

Once you complete the first mission and reach The Corleone Compound, you can recruit Tommy Cipolla.

The Godfather 2 Weapon Locations

Find weapon upgrades in the following locations.

Weapon Location How to Find It
MP38 (Pistol) Granados Compound, Florida Search the second floor.
Modified AK-47 Battaglia Masonry, Cuba Look for a room with a ladder leading underground.
.44 Magnum Force Carmine Rosato's Compound, New York Go upstairs in the foyer before approaching Carmine and look on the desk.
.501 Magnum Enforcer Battaglia Quarry Chop Shop, Cuba Look inside the lighthouse.
Silenced Pistol Ryan Roth mission, Florida Find it during the mission to rescue the soldiers.
Delta M1911 silenced Mangano's Compound, Florida Search the second floor.
Spitzer Centerfire Emilio's Packing Company, Florida Cut the fence and climb the rooftop.
Sawed-off shotgun Corleone's Compound, New York Go straight out the main gate, turn left and burn the hedge with an arsonist.
Vintovka SR-98 Almeida Compound, Cuba Search the second floor.
Schofield Semi-auto Global Storage Chop Shop, Florida Look inside the warehouse on the right side of the island.