God of War II PS2 Secrets and Unlockables Guide

Get alternative costumes, better armor, and more

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God of War II is an action-adventure game published by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2007. Based loosely on Greek mythology, it tells the story of Kratos, the new God of War, who seeks revenge after being betrayed by Zeus. You can unlock a number of items and gameplay modes by attaining certain ranks, collecting certain items, and completing the game on various difficulty levels. Here's a guide on how to do all that, along with some secrets.

This guide is specifically for the PS2 version of God of War II.

God of War II Unlockables

Complete levels of the game or gather specific items to reveal unlockables that help you in your gameplay. Here's how:

Unlockable How to Acquire It
Athena Complete God of War II on Titan mode.
Dark Odyssey Complete God of War II on God mode.
General Kratos

Collect 20 cyclops eyes using a context-sensitive move.

God Armor Receive a God ranking in Challenge mode.
God of War Costume Complete God of War II on any difficulty level.
Hercules Complete God of War II on Titan mode.
Hydra Armor Complete God of War II on any difficulty level.
Unlock Challenge of the Titans Complete God of War II on any difficulty level.
Arena of the Fates Reach Titan rank in Challenge mode.
Titan Mode Complete the main game.
Urns of Power Complete the game.

God of War II Secrets

Bonus Play Option

Once you successfully complete God of War II, save the game. Now, you can select the Bonus Play option when starting a new game. This lets you take the weapons and magic you earned in your first playthrough into the new game.

Hidden Sex Mini-Game

During the first level where you fight Colossus, he hits you into a house. Don't go under the water yet. Get out and run to the right side, where you see two covers and a flimsy-looking wall. One of them has some orbs in it, while the other has a couple of half-naked women chilling out in the water. Enjoy the mini-game. If you hit all the buttons at the right time, there is an explosion of red orbs.

Getting Red Orbs With the Blade of Olympus

You'll receive the Blade of Olympus after you beat the game. When it levels up once, you're then able to perform the Divine Sacrifice move by pressing L1 and Circle together. This move pulls the red orbs right out of enemies.

The Golden Fleece

You receive the Golden Fleece from the Cursed Cerberus. When you have it, you can use it to block enemy attacks by pressing L1. If you continuously press L1 you block and return almost all attacks.

Unlock All Movies

Completing God of War II unlocks all the movies in the game, including high-resolution movies and all cut-scenes.

Secret God of War II Message and Site

If you're lucky enough to pull off a 999,999 hit combo, you're given a URL for a God of War II website containing a secret message and some gameplay footage with developer commentary.