Gameplay and Features of the Free PC Game 'God of Thunder'

God of Thunder game screen

Adept Software

God of Thunder is a 2D platform game where players assume the role of Thor, the Norse God of Thunder, as he quests to reclaim the land of Midgard for his father, Odin after it was stolen by Loki and Jormangund. In the game, Thor is armed with his famous magical hammer and must solve various puzzles that he must complete in order to progress and battle against various enemies. The game also has a number of role-playing game elements, and each time a boss is defeated, Thor's hammer is upgraded along with his armor.

God of Thunder was released in 1993 and was not a very successful release via the shareware model. Since it was released as full freeware, the game is considered by many to be a rare gem in the retro style PC games from the early 1990s that combines strategy, puzzle-solving, and action gameplay. The game has also become one of the most popular free PC games profiled.

Gameplay & Features

God of Thunder features a humorous story with some tongue-in-cheek one-liners that are completely out of place in the Norse setting of 927 A.D. The gameplay is played from the top-down perspective and is a platform game where players will advance through various levels solving puzzles and defeating enemies with the use of their hammer. Thor's hammer is enchanted with magical properties that will return to Thor's hand when thrown hitting enemies. The game levels include a wide variety of obstacles that can be moved and set in place by Thor, but players must be careful, for some of these obstacles can kill Thor as well.

Along the way, Thor will also collect magical items in addition to his hammer that can be used for various effects. These special items require the use of mana which, like health, does not regenerate on its own but must be recharged by picking up mana left by a defeated enemy.

Killed enemies also drop gems which can be used in shops to buy items. These gems are also used to remove blocks in the map, with different symbols on the blocks requiring gems in order to remove.

Development & Release

God of Thunder was developed and released in 1993 by Adept Software and was created by Ron Davis. Adept Software is the same developer behind some other fun free PC games such as Jetpack and Squarez Deluxe, and it is still in existence today and actively working on indie game projects.


God of Thunder was originally released under the shareware model where a portion of the game was released for free in hopes that it would motivate gamers into purchasing the full game. It has since been released as freeware and is readily available from the classic Adept Software website as well as from a number of third-party sites, and also on gaming platforms such as Steam.

The game will require some sort of MS-DOS emulation such as DOSBOX in order to play on more modern Windows operating systems. The God of Thunder free download comes in at just under 1 MB in size so it's a quick and easy game to try out and one that is sure to provide some nostalgic, fun and entertaining gameplay.