Goat Simulator Tips and Tricks


The zany PC darling Goat Simulator has finally made its way to iOS, and it's jam-packed full of craziness, goats, and hijinks to last you a lifetime. But it can be overwhelming to jump right in, especially if you're not really sure where you should go or what you should do. We've got you covered with these tips and tricks that will help point you in the right direction so you can have one baa-a-a-ad time. Of course, that means "bad" as in good. We'd never steer you in the right direction. Would we? No, absolutely not. 

Become an Evil Devil Goat

No, you read that right. You're going to summon up dark forces and become one bad goat. You can even do this while you're just running around exploring, too! Find the red barn where a party's going on behind it. Stand facing away from the barn and head left until you see a dirt path between some rocks. You'll see flowers and torches as your vision becomes hazy. You'll eventually find a fiery pentagram. Find five humans and drag them to the star. Arrange them inside the star and let go. You'll be transformed into a Devil Goat with demonic powers.

Become the King of Goats

Look around for a tower with a spiral staircase and two doors. Head through the first door and get past the first goat to get the Goat Trophy. After that, go through the top doorway. When you go in, you'll be rewarded with your own goat underlings and a throne you can sit in to unlock a new goat form, "Goats for the Goat," which allows you to summon "peasants" (dead goats) from the sky that will rain down around you.

Find the Jet Pack

There's a building that's under construction that you'll happen upon and it's the only one in the game world. You'll eventually find a Jet Pack. Walk into it to equip it and then fly around looking super amazing as a flying goat. You can combine it with other Goat Forms for hilarious results. Get creative, you can even do this as the Devil Goat if you try hard enough.

Take a Hang Glider Tour

Exploring on four feet is so last year, anyway. Climb the ladder on the crane and get to the very top, headbutt the person you find there, and wait for the hang glider that person was waiting on. Jump straight onto the hang glider and then ride around town looking like the freshest goat who ever was. This way, you even get a better look at things that are in your vicinity without having to climb a tall building.

Let Aliens Take You Away

Yes, there are aliens in Goat Simulator. Makes sense, though, right? You can do pretty much everything else. Find the field with the broken down car in it. There's a beacon there on a stick in the crop circle in the field. If you look nearby, there's another stick, but no beacon. Find the garage by the house near your goat enclosure to nab the missing beacon. Put it on the stick. Wait 30 to 45 seconds, and you'll be abducted for an out of this world adventure!

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