GoAnimate Makes Animation Simple and Fun

Character and scene created in GoAnimate

Gretchen Siegchrist

On May 7, 2018, GoAnimate became Vyond.

GoAnimate is a web service that lets you create an animated story, using pre-programmed characters, themes, and settings. You add the text, and the movie is made!

Getting Started

To use GoAnimate you'll need an account. It's free to sign up. You just need to provide an email address, username, and password. You can create and share movies with a free GoAnimate account, but there are many cool features that can only be unlocked when you pay for a GoPlus account.

Making a Movie With GoAnimate

GoAnimate movies consist of one or more scenes. In each scene, you can control and adjust the backdrop, the camera angle, the characters, their backdrop, expressions, and words.

Users have a lot of control over nearly every aspect of the animation, though free accounts are restricted to two-minute movies, basic characters and actions, and a limited number of text-to-speech animations every month.

GoPlus account holders can make videos of any length, use more text-to-speech animations every month, access more characters and actions, and even upload their own images and videos to use in the animated movies.

There's a handy GoAnimate tutorial that guides new users through creating their first animation. It's very helpful to see where to find different features, and how to use them.

Setting the Scene

There are a variety of indoor and outdoor backdrops available for GoAnimate videos. You can access more backdrops with a GoPlus account, and others are available for purchase. There are even more backgrounds available that have been created and uploaded by GoAnimate community members, and you can create and upload your own with a GoPlus account.

You don't need to use the same background for every scene, which gives you a lot more options for creative storytelling. Also, many of the backgrounds have layers, so you can position your characters in front of or behind certain elements, like a tree for example.

Creating Characters

The main characters in GoAnimate are called LittlePeepz. Each one can be customized, from the hair and the skin to the clothes and accessories. You can have an unlimited number of characters in most movies, and you can resize them and reposition them on the screen.

There are other video templates, too, with characters like wild animals, celebrities and talking food. And, if you're a GoPlus member you have access to even more characters and more customizations.

When it comes to voicing your characters, there are only a few, robotic sounding voices for free users. However, anyone can record a voiceover for the characters, and GoPlus members and access more voices and accents.

Animating Video

GoAnimate gives users lots of options for animating their scenes. Characters can move all over the screen, change sizes, do a number of actions, add accessories, zoom in with the camera and even add effects. For the creative movie maker, these options open up infinite possibilities.

Sharing Videos

If you're using a free GoAnimate account, your videos will be published to a special page within your GoAnimate account. This address can be shared with others, so they can watch your video. But if you want to share your video on YouTube, you need to sign up for a GoAnimate account.