How to Go to Any Label or View Fast in Gmail

It's great how Gmail takes us to views like the Inbox (g + i) and Drafts (g + d) with two quick taps on a key. But, alas, we have labels, too, and the g + key trick does not work.

Fortunately, Gmail has another trick up its sleeve. With another handy keyboard combination, it lets you type just a label's first letters and navigate to it swiftly.

Go to Any Label or View Fast in Gmail

To open any label or view swiftly in Gmail:

  • Press g followed by l.
  • Start typing the label or view's name.
  • Select the desired label from the menu.
    • Press 's', for example, and use the up and down key to highlight Sent Mail, Spam or Starred.
    • Gmail looks for the typed characters at the beginning of words, even if they appear in the middle of a label's name. Typing 'm', for example, finds All Mail and Sent Mail as well as my-mail, for instance.
  • Press Enter.
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