Taking Editing Mobile with GNARBOX

GNARBOX is a device for editing footage on the go.

GNARBOX is the latest solution for mobile video editors everywhere. The Kickstarter-funded GNARBOX is a small device that can let you view, back up, edit and share your footage from wherever you happen to be.

Unlike other mobile editing solutions, GNARBOX embraces devices such as Phantom drones, GoPros, DSLRs, and pretty much any other camera that can connect via USB 3.0 or using an SD or Micro SD card.

It can connect wirelessly to up to 4 iPhones (and soon iPads or Android phones too) via a GNARBOX Hotspot the device emits. The GNARBOX is unique in the world of apps and lightweight hardware peripherals. The GNARBOX manages all of the heavy lifting normally done by a computer as a result of highly specialized internals.

So is it a complicated tool to use? Nope. It's really simple, actually. Shoot some footage, add it to GNARBOX, connect a phone to the GNARBOX Hotspot, edit your video, and share it.

The robust GNARBOX can handle RAW and 4K footage from a variety of devices, thanks to the powerful processor located on board. The device doesn't have to run solitaire or help you make a spreadsheet, and so all of it's power is dedicated to dealing with your video files as necessary. It contains a quad core 2.2 GHz CPU, an 8 core 3D GPU, 4GB of DDR3 RAM, 128GB of fast flash storage, two USB 3.0 ports, an SD card slot, and a MicroSD slot.

For viewing, editing and sharing, GNARBOX works with an iPhone and an app from the App Store, which allows for viewing and editing of footage before sharing. The footage files reside in the attractive and well laid out application, and can be organized by geolocation or simply when they were shot.

While the Kickstarter campaign is still underway as of this writing, the response this device has received has been overwhelming.

Much like the DJI Phantom 3 Drone or the GoPro Hero4, the GNARBOX is gearing up to become a household name for professional and amateur videographers, appealing as much to the skiier with an action camera as the filmmaker with a helicopter and Hollywood film crew.

With nearly endless applications where mobile editing and footage offload are critical, it's no wonder that the video world is watching this device's upcoming release with great interest. This writer sees the top potential uses for the device as:

How would you use GNARBOX? There are so many application, but this writer loves the idea of bringing one along on a drone shoot. Taking a DJI Phantom 3 or a 3DR Solo out for a day of flying is lots of fun, but the battery isn't the only part of the equation to be prone to cutting a shoot short. Memory cards full of awesome skyward footage fill up in a hurry, and without a laptop, reviewing and posting footage is a stunt. Toss a GNARBOX in the drone's carrying case and it'll be possible to offload shoot footage, review it, and even edit and share it online. Speed ramp the aerial maneuvers with GNARBOX's awesome editing tools, snip out the take off and landing, and share a polished action video before the quadcopter's motors have cooled.

The first 100 GNARBOX units will arrive in the hands of beta testers this fall, but as of early 2016, the GNARBOX will be unleashed in the wild.