A Look at GM's Intellilink Infotainment System

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The Intellilink Homescreen

Intellilink homescreen
Similar to other OEM navigation/infotainment systems, Intellilink has large buttons that provide access to various applications. Photo courtesy of Buick.

The Intellilink system, which is also branded as MyLink in some GM models, is an combined infotainment/telematics system that was first introduced in 2012. Intellilink and MyLink were used throughout the slate of GM vehicles that offered an infotainment option starting in 2012, aside from Cadillac, which has its own system called CUE.

The layout of GM's Intellilink is similar to other OEM navigation/infotainment systems. The touchscreen features large buttons that provide access to the various features that the system offers. In addition to navigation, Intellilink also offers voice control over dialing your phone and changing radio stations.

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Intellilink Faceplate Buttons

Intellilink faceplate buttons
The faceplate includes redundant buttons in case the touchscreen malfunctions. These buttons are also easier to use than the touchscreen while driving. Photo courtesy of Buick

Intellilink uses a touchscreen interface, but most of the functions can be controlled by physical buttons and knobs. The faceplate buttons provide access to either the driver or passenger, and the driver also has additional controls on the steering wheel.

While most functions can be controlled by the faceplate buttons, the voice control activator is located on the steering wheel. After the voice control activator has been pressed, most of the Intellilink functions can also be accessed through vocal commands. These commands must be spoken clearly, or the system will not register them.

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Navigation Menu

The navigation menu provides easy access to essential settings and functions. Photo courtesy of Buick

Navigation is one of the primary functions of the Intellilink system. The main menu allows you to change map settings, screen settings, and tweak various other options. The navigation system is somewhat rudimentary, but the menus are quick and responsive.

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Intellilink Map View

Intellilink map view
Top-down view of the Intellilink navigation feature. Photo courtesy of Buick.

The map view has a few different setting options, and the heading indicator also has a few different options. This is the basic top-down view, which provides a good picture of the surrounding area. The dollar sign on the left side of the screen is a point of interest, and the Intellilink system is capable of displaying the locations of many different types of businesses and services.

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Split View of the Intellilink Map View

Intellilink offers several map options. Photo courtesy of Buick

In addition to the basic top-down view, the Intellilink system offers a number of other options. This is a split view that provides the driver with additional information on the right side of the screen. The system can also be set to a quasi-3D view.

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Intellilink Traffic Options

Intellilink offers two different traffic settings. In order to use either traffic option, it's necessary to have a Sirius XM subscription. This is one of several Intellilink functions that only work with a subscription to XM.

The system can be set to display all traffic routes, or it can filter out only the traffic events that are actually on the programmed route.

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Intellilink Weather Display

Intellilink is capable of providing useful weather data. Photo courtesy of Buick

The Intellilink system is also capable of displaying weather data, but this is another service that requires a Sirius XM subscription.

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Intellilink Phone Controls

Intellilink phone control
Intellilink can pair with a phone and then control it. Photo courtesy of Buick

If your phone has built-in Bluetooth functionality, you can pair it to an Intellilink system. It's then possible to use the Intellilink touchscreen or voice controls to operate the phone. The voice control activation button is located on the steering wheel, which makes it easy to use when driving.

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Intellilink Radio

Intellilink radio
AM, FM and XM tuners are included, but you'll need a subscription to listen to XM radio. Photo courtesy of Buick

The Intellilink system includes built-in tuners for AM, FM and XM radio. It also features voice controls for all of those options. Of course, a subscription to Sirius XM is required if you want to listen to the latter.

Intellilink can also play digital music files, and it has the ability to read files from an SD card or a USB memory stick. These connections are located on the center console, and the SD card slot can also be used to load software and map updates.

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Intellilink Photo Viewer

Intellilink photo viewer
Intellilink can also display pictures that you've taken with your digital camera. Photo courtesy of Buick

The Intellilink touchscreen can also be used to view photographs. This functionality is only available when the vehicle is parked, so it can't distract the driver. This is a great way to view your pictures on the road since you can just pop the SD card from your camera into the Intellilink card reader that's located in the center console.