Gmail Won't Load? How to Fix It

11 solutions that will get Gmail up and running again

This article explains how to fix it when Gmail won't load in a web browser, including simple and more advanced troubleshooting solutions to get Gmail back up and running.

Causes of Gmail Not Loading

There are several reasons why Gmail might not load or not load correctly. The browser may be incompatible with Gmail, or a browser extension could be interfering with Gmail's operation. You may need to clean out the browser cache and cookies. There may be issues with the Gmail service or your internet connectivity. Also, privacy settings may be interfering with Gmail.

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How to Fix It When Gmail Doesn't Load

These troubleshooting steps range from simple to advanced. We recommend you try each step in the order set here.

  1. Restart the computer. This simple fix often solves the problem and is always worth a try.

  2. Make sure the browser works with Gmail. Browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari work well with Gmail, but some browsers don't. If you have problems and you know the browser is compatible, enable cookies and JavaScript.

  3. Use another browser or device. If you have another supported browser installed on your computer, or access to another computer or mobile device with a supported browser (ideally on a different network), access Gmail from there to see if it works.

  4. Check the browser extensions or plug-ins. A browser extension or plug-in might conflict with Gmail and cause it not to load properly. Temporarily turn off each extension or plug-in and then load Gmail to see if that fixes the problem.

  5. Clear the browser cache and cookies. Clearing the cache and deleting cookies deletes your browsing history and personalizations, but it's worth a try if the other troubleshooting steps failed. Load Gmail again to see if this fixes the problem.

  6. Check to see if Gmail is down. Although it's rare, Gmail might go down. The Google Workspace Status Dashboard gives you a real-time look at whether any Google service is down. Alternatively, you can check to see if Gmail is down at popular sites like Down Detector or Down for Everyone or Just Me. If Gmail is down, there's nothing you can do but wait it out.

  7. Temporarily disable antivirus software. On occasion, software that continuously scans your computer, such as an antivirus tool or parental control software, may conflict with other applications like Gmail. Temporarily disable these tools one at a time if you have them. Re-enable each tool once you're done testing.

    If you use anti-spyware, anti-malware, or firewall software, make sure it doesn't block Gmail as a potentially dangerous site.

  8. Make sure your internet connection works properly. A slow internet connection can cause Gmail to load slowly, partially, or not at all. Confirm that your connection is working properly, and run an internet speed test to make sure everything is OK. If there's a problem, reach out to your internet service provider (ISP) for assistance.

  9. Adjust the browser privacy settings. If the browser privacy settings are set especially high, there's a small chance this is preventing Gmail from loading. If this is the culprit, manually add to the list of allowed sites, so your browser connects to Gmail.

  10. Reinstall the browser. If Gmail won't load and the browser seems off, remove the browser and reinstall it to see if this fixes the problem. Although uncommon, browser software can become corrupted and impact your ability to visit sites like Gmail.

  11. Contact Gmail Help. The Gmail Help site offers an array of information as well as community forums. Browse through the Help offerings and submit your questions to the community.

  • Why are Gmail notifications not working?

    You might need to turn on email notifications for your phone or desktop. If notifications are already turned on, open Settings and select your account > Manage Labels > choose one of your labels > Sync Messages. Next, choose between "Last 30 days" or "All" and then set your updated notifications settings for that label. Repeat the process for your other Gmail labels.

  • What do I do if Gmail Promotions isn't working for me?

    Make sure your Gmail app is up-to-date, then open the Gmail Promotions tab and pull down from the top of the screen to refresh it. If refreshing doesn't work, restart the app—and if the problem persists restart your device. Also try accessing your Gmail account and opening the Promotions tab using a different device

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