Gmail's New 'Integrated' Redesign Rolls Out This Month

The new layout will become permanent later this year

Google has announced that it’s changing the layout for Gmail and further integrating Google Chat, Meet, and Spaces into the service.

In this new layout, Chat, Meet, and Spaces will share the screen with Gmail so users can easily switch between them without opening new windows. You can try out the new layout starting February 8, which will become standard in April, then permanent by the end of Q2 2022.

New Gmail layout


Google refers to this new layout as an "integrated view" as it focuses on its Workspace apps. If you decide to try out the new layout, you'll find a new navigation menu on the left that allows you to switch between your inbox and the other messaging apps.

Notifications will appear to remind you of other apps that require attention, and you can see all conversations from Chat and Spaces on a single screen. Eventually, the search bar will bring up chat results, but it's unknown when that feature will debut.

You'll also be able to revert to the old Gmail layout when the April update comes around via the settings until it becomes a permanent change.

Another view of the new Gmail layout


The Gmail changes mainly impacts end-users on select Google programs, including G Suite Basic, Enterprise Standard, and Education Plus. However, the redesign won't be available to users on Workspace Essentials.

Over the past year, Google has extended the reach of its work-related apps, such as when it made Google Workspace and Chat available to everyone.

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