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The Bottom Line

Gmail Notifier offers stylish and useful new mail announcements for a Gmail account. It gives a great overview of new messages, but doesn't allow you to highlight or ignore certain mail with filters.

Gmail Notifier is no longer available.


  • Gmail Notifier lets you know about new mail in a Gmail account in a useful and unobtrusive manner
  • You get a preview of the message's sender, subject and snippet
  • Gmail Notifier can make your email client to be used when you click a mailto: link


  • Gmail Notifier doesn't allow you to delete or archive mail directly
  • You can't specify special announcements for certain labels or filters


  • Gmail Notifier announces new threads in a Gmail account.
  • A tray icon and sound alert while a pop-up shows message info (sender, subject and snippet).
  • You can go to the Gmail Inbox directly from Gmail Notifier.
  • Gmail Notifier can also set Gmail to serve as your default email account for email links.
  • Gmail Notifier supports Windows 2000/3/XP.

Guide Review - Gmail Notifier - Gmail Mail Checker

Sometimes, I have my Gmail account open in a dedicated browser tab. The "Inbox" automatically refreshes now and then, letting me know when new mail arrives in the page title. This is useful, but new Gmail announcements can be much more useful.

Gmail Notifier demonstrates how, and it does so with style. A task bar icon and pop-up windows are enough for Gmail Notifier to inform you about any new mail that arrives with essential info — the sender, the subject and a snippet from the body — readily available. You can also set up a notification sound for Gmail Notifier to use when it finds new mail. It's easy to open the Gmail Inbox in your default browser from Gmail Notifier, and as an additional bonus the installer can set Gmail to serve as your default email account for messages when you click a mailto: link.

For all this usefulness, it would be nice if Gmail Notifier let you announce certain mail (that got assigned a label by a filter, for example) in a special way. There's also no way to interact with the messages from the pop-up and delete or archive them right away.